Q water has spring retractable water hose reels for all washing occasions.

Strong, reliable, and a great range to choose from, will have your situation reeled-in with ease.

Q water & RAMEX are a great combination to get your water flowing and your hoses organised without kinks and knots.

Whether you need a simple hand operated hose reel unit, spring return retractable hose reel or even an automatic rewind unit, the RAMEX  range of hose reels can offer you the right solution you have been looking for at a price you’ll like.

If its:

  • Mining,

  • Heavy Industrial,

  • Light industrial,

  • Hospitality,

  • Catering,

  • Food Processing

  • Meat Abattoir

  • Aviation,

  • Military Defence 

RAMEX has all your businesses covered.

There are plenty of retractable hose reels on the market with plenty of claims on performance and function.

The range of  RAMEX  hose reels with great engineering and quality parts………. simply just……....works!

RAMEX has:  No fanfares  | No balloons |  No gimmicks  |  No prizes  - in-fact nothing at all !

RAMEX does: design products well  -  use quality parts - deliver on time to a schedule  -  has lots of variationshas lots of options  -  has lots to smile about…………Do YOU? 

If you want the boss to smile again, then put  Q water and RAMEX  to work for you and allow our hose and hose reel package deals to improve your work place safety for a lasting result.

We can only help you if you make the call………..so contact sales@qwater.com.au or our sales representatives today and see your boss happy again. 

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